kari altenhofen - missoula Montana


Transolution Auto Care Missoula. Bad news! We had a spring break trip to Zion National Park planned, but found out my 2008 Subaru Outback needed a head gasket job (I know...what a shock!) just a few days before we were leaving. The crew at Transolution worked hard to get the job done, staying until 8 o'clock on a Friday night, so that we could head home, pack up and hit the road early. They test drove it several times to ensure that the kids and I would have no further problems. We even got a friendly phone call from Brian while we were on the road to see if the car was running okay. I really appreciate this kind of service and highly recommend these guys. Thanks for the considerate, professional service. We had a great trip! Kari, Missoula

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Thank You So Much! So glad the trip went great. The Team From Transolution

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